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77 Ways System has 77 almost-guaranteed methods to interact with women in such a way that you can turn them on and make them want to be with you.

77 Ways by Jason Capital Review

Dear men; there’s no shame in admitting that you need a little help get laid. Not every man can be a pickup artist who can walk into a bar and walk out with a woman in each arm. But what if they could? Well thanks to The 77 Ways you can.

The 77 Ways To Make Her Want to F@#k You by Jason Capital is your guide to 77 almost-guaranteed methods to interact with women in such a way that you can turn them on and make them want to be with you, no matter what they think or feel about you and one night stands. As you’d expect from a book designed to get you laid it’s filled with explicit and even underhanded methods. This isn’t a book for the faint of heart or men that want to respect women. It’s downright dirty and it doesn’t try to hide it.

Have you noticed that “men” these days don’t really act like men? It’s no secret that “nu-males” as they’ve come to be called are pussified. Women don’t need a pussy, they already have one. You can use the weakness of the new generation to your advantage to help overplay your status as an alpha male that a woman just has to have.

One of the more effective seduction methods covered in The 77 Ways is Stealth Seduction. This details how to seduce a woman without her even realizing what you’re doing. By the time she realizes she’s being played with you’re already inside her. This includes specific words, phrases, and questions that build up the sexual tension without being overt about it. It’s turning a girl on without turning her on, so to speak.

Another one of the main techniques is the “push and pull” technique. This is something most men try but just can’t pull off. If you pull a woman too close to often then you come across as clingy and it makes the woman push away. But if you push her away yourself too much then she thinks you aren’t interested and she loses interest herself. It’s a delicate game to push and pull her just right and you’ll learn how to do just that with The 77 Ways.

When you order 77 Ways you’ll also receive The Dude Crusher Method”. Don’t think you’re the only guy who knows how to pick up chicks. This guide gives you the power to get rid of these other guys and make the woman all yours. Draw attention to yourself and humiliate the other guy and you can have any woman in the bar.

All this and more is included in 77 Ways To Make Her Want to F@#k You. It also comes with Jason Capital’s personal guarantee that you will be banging hotter women and getting laid as and when you want. If you still don’t get laid then you have 60 days to claim your money back. That’s just how sure Jason is in his techniques. Get laid or get your money back; it’s as simple as that.

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