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Cat Spraying No More stops our feline friends from urinating where they should not, devised by Sarah Richard, who was agonized by exactly the same issue.

Cat Spraying No More Review

Cats have been cherished and even worshiped in many civilizations, even before the time of Egyptian pharaohs. They are certainly lovely and elegant creatures and make fine pets, however, there comes a point when you don’t want your house or apartment to smell of cat urine.

Sarah Richards, a veterinarian and cat lover, has devised a system which successfully trained her cat Timmy to not pee outside his litter box for over 3 years. And even if she leaves the home for long periods of time and gives Timmy the full reign over the house, she is completely confident that Timmy will never pee anywhere except in his designated litter box.

With Cat Spraying No More program you will learn how to solve your cat’s peeing problem among many other useful advices:

  • Find out how to figure out why is your cat peeing in your home to begin with
  • Learn proven techniques to make sure your cat only uses the litter box
  • Learn how to turn your cat’s instincts to your own advantage
  • Make a special herbal blend that will serve as repellent to break your cat’s peeing cycle
  • Detect if your cat is stressed and learn what you can do when stress is the main culprit for peeing outside the litter box
  • Differentiate cat’s peeing as a behavioral issue or a medical problem
  • How to properly set up a litter box
  • Real life examples of how Sarah was so successful with Timmy, which you can quickly implement into your own situation
  • List of things that you should NOT do when dealing with cat peeing at wrong places

Following the Cat Spraying No More program you will finally be able to enjoy your companionship with your pet without worrying every time you leave the house, without constantly spending money on cleaning supplies, and without stressing both yourself and your pet.

So far, the techniques Sarah devised and expanded upon from previous knowledge have proven to be 100% successful whenever she showed them to cat owners.

The program not only comes with detailed step-by-step guide of the whole process but it also includes useful illustrations. Additionally, it includes a full nutrition program for your cat, so you can always be sure that your training is not thwarted by poor nutrition which negatively affects your cat’s overall health. On top of that, you will have full access to grooming tips, how to make your cat contended, and a full suite Pet Medical Recorder Software which tracks your cat’s medical records, vaccinations, veterinarian contacts and medicine intake.

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