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Elixir of Eros concerns the “chase triggers”; specific strings of words that, when combined with an innocent little touch, triggers desire.

Elixir of Eros Review

There are some men who make picking up women look effortless. They enter a bar on their own and come out with a woman. Then there are people who struggle to even talk to women, much less succeed in seducing one. If you’ve ever wondered how you can really approach and pick up women then you should take a look at the Elixir of Eros system by Mike Wright.

The Elixir of Eros concerns the “chase trigger”; a specific string of words that, when combined with an innocent little touch, are said to trigger desire in a woman. It’s a simple little psychological trigger that you can plant into everyday conversation.

There’s more to the Elixir of Eros system than just one little sentence however. You’ll learn plenty of other secrets about how to approach and interact with women; including the first thing you should do when you meet a woman to make her feel respect and a need to earn your affection.

Mike includes information on other little triggers and lines you can make use of. This includes the 7 “temptation” lines you can use to tempt a woman and work your way into her head. When you’re in there you can plant fantasies about yourself in there, so she thinks about you even when you aren’t nearby.

There is a fatal flaw to the female mind. There is something in there that causes them to ignore everyone else and feel that you are the only person they should be with. It doesn’t matter if they have a boyfriend or a husband. Something about you tells her that you’re the only one for her.

If you’ve ever found yourself unsure of what to talk about with women, then worry no more. The Elixir of Eros details the topic that women feel is the most interesting thing there is to talk about. It’s something you already know plenty about and, while it might seem counterintuitive, it does get you where you want to be.

Mike also includes a foolproof test that lets you know just when it’s the time to get sexual with a woman. There are some women who are ready by the end of the first date, and there are some who need to wined and dined a little more. Knowing when you should make your move vastly improves your chances of success.

All of this and more is included in the Elixir of Eros package; including a wide range of free goods. You’ll receive a guide for how to take a girl out of the friend zone and put her in the sex zone; how to recognize the secret signals a woman puts out; how to seduce girls over Facebook; how to make your next relationship cheat proof; how to hook up and meet women online; how to truly communicate with women; how to succeed on Tinder; how to turn any meet-up into a hook-up; and how to seduce a girl through text. It’s an impressive package wrapped neatly in a 60 day money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction.

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