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Firm and Tight is an exercise program that shows you how to sculpt your whole body with a mini band.

Firm and Tight by Tonya Fines Review

Mini bands have become a popular exercise tool, especially for busy women. The problem is that you need to know how to use them properly to get the most out of them. They make exercise easier and more effective – which is great for women with naturally slower metabolisms – but it’s time you learned how to use it properly. Firm and Tight by Tonya Fines can show you how to get the most out of your exercise.

What is Firm and Tight?

Firm and Tight is an exercise program that shows you how to sculpt your whole body with a mini band. It is powered by the T3 Method – Targeted Triple Toning. The T3 method helps you to get the most out of every single rep to tighten and tone your body. Carefully following the T3 progression covered by Tonya Fines helps you get stronger and a more sculpted body without pushing yourself too far and undoing all your hard work. It delivers some of the best body sculpting results possible.

What do you get with Firm and Tight?

The bulk of the program is the Firm and Tight Mini Band Follow-Along Workouts DVD. This includes 7 total workouts that you can do at home with a mini band. This includes 2 lower body workouts for toning and firming legs and rounding your butt. Another 2 upper body workouts help get sleek and toned arms. Then there are the two full body workouts for a tight butt, flat abs, and killer legs. Finally, there’s a total body core workout that eliminates stubborn fat and gives you a slimmer waistline.

All of the routines take just 10 minutes to complete, but you can make them tougher by repeating them as many times as you need or by using a tougher resistance band. All of the workouts increase your metabolism, which helps melt away stubborn pounds and lose more weight even when resting.

Firm and Tight is a double whammy for weight loss with exercises so simple you’ll never be wondering what to do next. It’s like having Tonya Fines with you guiding you through the exercises.

Firm and Tight also comes with a digital version of all of the exercises. If you’re traveling and staying in a hotel room and want an effective workout but don’t have a DVD player, just load up your phone or computer and get your sweat on. The digital version of the exercises lets you tone and tighten your body anywhere at any time.

Get Firm and Tight with Firm and Tight

This exercise program uses the T3 Method of Targeted Triple Toning to give you the best possible results from your mini band. These mini bands can deliver better results than actual weights, as long as they are used properly. Learn how to use a mini band effectively to get the firm, toned body you’ve always dreamed of having.

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