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Fix My Shoulder Pain is a guide to exercises and stretches you can do to manage shoulder pain.

Fix My Shoulder Pain Review

Most people won’t realize how debilitating pain is until they are going through it themselves. Shoulder pain, in particular, can prevent you from living a regular life. It saps your strength and makes it hard to go about your day. If you are tired of your shoulder pain and want to do something about it, consider trying the SR3 method of Fix My Shoulder Pain, developed by Rick Kaselj.

What is Fix My Shoulder Pain?

Fix My Shoulder Pain is, at its heart, a guide to exercises and stretches you can do to manage shoulder pain. It utilizes the SR3 method, innovated by Rick Kaselj. The more traditional method of fixing shoulder pain involves endless appointments, investigations, and stretching. Rick met with hundreds of clients who tried this model for themselves and didn’t have any success. He knew that they needed something different, so he developed his new method based on the concept of reshaping the shoulder so it goes from being painful to painless.

The SR3 Method is split into three parts: aligning the shoulder to get it in the best possible position, improving tissue quality to treat injuries and pains, and activating the right muscles to reduce stress on the rotator cuff and stabilize the shoulder. Don’t worry if you don’t get it as Rick Kaselj goes into detail on everything.

What do you Get With Fix My Shoulder Pain?

The program is divided up into a few key parts. Here’s a look at each one.

    Quick Start Video Tour

    This is your introduction to the system. In the quick video tour, Rick Kaselji outlines everything you need to do in order to get started. This lets you dive straight into the program without any problems.

    Shoulder Assessment

    This part of the program helps you to determine what exactly is wrong with your shoulder. Rick guides you through a complete self-assessment in a friendly and effective way. Just perform the movements as instructed and you can tell, from how those movements feel, what kind of injury you have.

    The videos go pretty in-depth but there’s also a PDF reference guide that summarizes the assessments and shows you how to do them. You can always use the video for further clarification if necessary.

    Fixing Your Shoulder

    This is the real bulk of the system, where you learn more about the SR3 method and start to implement it. You’re guided through each individual injury, including what causes the injury, what makes it worse, and what you can do to treat it so it feels better.

    You’ll focus on the three key parts of the SR3 method: Alignment, Tissue Quality, and Activation and Endurance. This takes your shoulder from being the painful shoulder it is right now to the pain-free shoulder joint you’ve always wanted. You’ll address the root cause of the pain, rather than deal with the symptoms and hope for the best.

    Everything is covered in-depth but, once again, there is a handy PDF guide if you want to get started faster. It contains over 60 different exercises you can do right now to relieve pain and feel better quickly.

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