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Forbidden Kill Strikes are designed to take an opponent down fast no matter what. They are devastating and, often, dirty.

Forbidden Kill Strikes Review

A home invasion is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Somewhere that was supposed to be safe and secure, your home, is taken from you and becomes a place of terror in a matter of minutes. This was a reality that Chuck Eastman learned the hard way when his own home was invaded and – despite being a military man with a gun – he was left completely helpless. In a bizarre turn of events, the family was saved by an eight-year old girl who utilized the martial arts her father taught her to bring down anyone, no matter their size or weapons. Chuck himself learned these techniques, and compiled them into the Forbidden Kill Strikes guide.

What is Forbidden Kill Strikes?

Forbidden Kill Strikes is a mixture of techniques used in a range of martial arts and street fighting. It combines the kind of American brawling one sees in the prison system with the delicate Japanese martial arts used for fast and decisive victories. The reason the techniques are “forbidden” is because they are banned from most official martial arts tournaments, including the UFC. They are designed to take an opponent down fast no matter what. They are devastating and, often, downright dirty. It’s about survival after all.

What do you Get with Forbidden Kill Strikes?

The main thing that you get with the guide is, of course, all of the early American and prison-style fighting techniques. These are brutal and barbaric moves used across the past two centuries by frontiersmen and prisoners looking to defend themselves. Such a unique combination can only be found here – or in the actual prison system.

These moves are integrated with the easiest and deadliest fighting techniques from around the world. They were compiled by Chuck Eastman’s teacher Kain, who studied every martial art he could for decades. This includes techniques and tactics passed down by Kain’s grandfather, who was himself a noble warrior.

Rather than spending years learning every facet of martial arts like Krav Maga and Silat, you can learn the most devastating moves and a combination of hidden styles to give yourself the edge over any attacker. This includes an elbow strike from battlefields of Israel designed to crush an opponent’s neck, and a 1-second escape maneuver for escaping a choke hold.

What’s great about the strikes is that they are easy to master and anyone can use them. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how big or small you are, or how big or small your attackers are. These moves level any playing field.

Master the Forbidden Kill Strikes

The Forbidden Kill Strikes by Chuck Eastman is a unique guide that combines the most powerful and effective moves from a broad range of martial arts with the simple brawler style employed by prisoners and early settlers. These moves have kept their users safe for generations, and now they can keep you – and your loved ones – safe too.

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