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K Optimizer 2.0 is designed to help promote your Kindle books to a range of different websites, saving you a lot of time, effort, and stress.

K Optimizer Coupon

They say that everyone has at least one good story in them. We all have that one great idea for a book in our heads somewhere. When the time comes to write and publish that book there are a number of choices. One of the most common ways is to go the self-publishing route, in particular through the Amazon Kindle Marketplace, which allows you to publish books for free and offers some paid marketing. K Optimizer is a great way to stay on top of your Kindle books.

What is K Optimiser?

The Amazon Kindle marketplace is a great way to self-publish your works, but it can time-consuming to stay on top of all the information about your Kindle books. K Optimizer is a great piece of software designed to help promote your books to a range of different websites while tracking and optimizing your Kindle books. It saves a lot of time, effort, and stress, and now you can try it for yourself with a handy K Optimiser Coupon.

K Optimizer Features

  • Submit Books to over 60 Free Websites – K Optimizer has a feature that allows you to quickly submit your book to over 30+ free website directories and another 30+ free press release website, which is great for when you run a KDP Select Free promotion. It also boosts your ranking on Amazon and helps you to get purchases and reviews. Reviews are vital when it comes to self-publishing. No one wants to buy something, especially a book, without reading a review or two.
  • Track and Manage Kindle Books – While Amazon makes it easy to track and manage one book, it quickly becomes a chore to track everything if you have more than a few up there. After you use your K Optimiser coupon you’ll be able to efficiently track all of your different Kindle books through a single interface. Get information on the number of reviews, average review score, keyword ranking, KDP Select contract dates, and more.
  • Sustainable Long-Term Sales – K Optimizer makes it easy to stay up to date with how your books are performing by providing critical data and alerting you if your book drops in the rankings, gets less reviews, gets negative reviews, and when the KDP Select contract runs out. This information can help you to keep your books optimized and generate long-term sales.
  • Track Kindle Book Sales – Your K Optimizer coupon will give you access to comprehensive sales and charts to help you keep track of the results of your marketing and promotion efforts.
  • Kindle Book Description Generator – Ask any writer and they’ll tell you one of the most difficult things is coming up with a book description. K Optimizer features a book description generator that generates a great description for your book. It couldn’t be easier to give your book the description it needs to stand out.

Money-Back Guarantee

K Optimizer is a great tool for people publishing through the Kindle marketplace. It makes it easy to track all your books, boost your rankings, and more. Your time is important so try K Optimizer today with a K Optimizer coupon and see what it can do for your self-publishing efforts! If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact Stefan Pylarinos to get a full refund.

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