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Leptitox is made from a combination of 22 naturally detoxifying nutrients to promote weight loss.

Leptitox Review

Leptitox is a natural weight loss supplement that works to target what the manufacturers consider to be the root cause of obesity: leptin resistance. The supplement is made from a combination of 22 naturally detoxifying nutrients and plant extracts put together into easy-to-swallow pills.

According to Leptitox Nutrition, Leptitox works naturally to promote weight loss while also supporting heart, brain, and joint health and boost energy levels – among other benefits. The ingredients here fight against the leptin resistance caused by exposure to harmful chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system.

Leptitox Ingredients

Leptitox contains some 22 natural ingredients. These ingredients are purported to have no side effects because of their organic nature. Here are some of the key ingredients that go into this weight loss supplement:

  • Marian Thistle – This ingredient detoxifies BPA – a compound known to disrupt the endocrine system. It clears out the chemical to keep your body functioning properly.
  • Apium Graveolens Seeds – This detoxifies the endocrine-disrupting chmeicals found in plastics in particular. Our overdependence on plastics may be harming us as much as the environment.
  • Jujube – Another ingredient that detoxifies endocrine disruptors to flush the endocrine system.
  • Alfalfa – Alfalfa helps to replenish optimal vitamin levels to keep the liver healthy. A healthy liver is better able to flush out toxins and bolster weight loss.
  • Canca Piedra – This ingredient supports a healthy digestive system and kidney health, as well as helping to eliminate inflammation.
  • Grape Seed
  • Even some foods – such as some vegetables, cereals, and nuts – can contain endocrine-disruptors. This ingredient cleanses the body of those chemicals.

  • Taraxacum Leaves – This ingredient cleanses the liver and supports bone health.
  • Brassicas – Brassicas floods the body with cysteine.
  • Barberry – Barberry helps to support healthy cholesterol levels and eliminate bad cholesterol

All of the ingredients chosen for Leptitox were picked because they help the body to naturally reduce leptin resistance for weight loss. The capsules are all manufactured in FDA-approved facilities so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product either.

Money-Back Guarantee

Leptitox works by reducing leptin resistance to encourage the body to naturally lose weight. If you have any problems with the supplement at all – including not getting the results you expect – then contact the manufacturer to arrange a full refund.

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