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Multi-Orgasmic Lover is intended for both the self-pleasure, and to bring your sexual relationship with a partner to new heights of excitement and amazement.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover Review

It is amazing to consider that humans have the capacity to experience mind-bending ecstasy at will. The ancient quest for concocting all kinds of drugs with similar effects, but to last longer than orgasm, is simply a reflection of our need to elevate ourselves from the mundane drudgery of reality.

Unfortunately, not many people take the effort and time to fully exploit the boundaries of their capacity to experience orgasms. Most people would rather get drunk, smoke pot, or use some other substance that is not conducive to your health and mental well-being.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover program takes it upon itself the task of helping you enhance this natural capacity to experience the sublime, in order for you to have orgasms that are:

  1. More frequent
  2. More intense
  3. More lasting

Like with every other aspect of our bodies, the more suited and built up for its task a body part is, the more you will get out of it.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover draws its inspiration from the sources of ancient civilizations who had spent a great deal of time exploring this aspect of human biology, namely the Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices. But it builds upon it in many different ways with the Tuning Fork Technique:

  • ME Breath technique offers you unparalleled stamina and full self-control.
  • The choice to ejaculate or not will become as easy as a choice to stand or sit.
  • Squeeze-breathe-thrust technique makes the most out of motions performed during love-making.
  • PC pump, pelvic rocking and sexual breathing
  • Dissolving psychological barriers that prevent you from enjoying sex to the fullest, especially the feeling of shame
  • Learn the benefits of relaxation in the context of sex
  • Build your sexual confidence and techniques

This program is intended for both the self-pleasure, and to bring your sexual relationship with a partner to new heights of excitement and amazement.

At every step needed, instructional videos will guide you so there is no room from misinterpretation. The entire program consists of the following items:

  • Multi-Orgasmic Lover Manual
  • Sexual Confidence Builder
  • Dissolving Sexual Shame
  • 6 Core Principles
  • Benefits of Relaxations
  • Sexual Training
  • The No BS Guide to Erectile Dysfunction
  • Sexual Power Meditation
  • Evolved Lover Meditation
  • Streaming Technique

After you have mastered the “basics”, you can proceed even further with the help of the Wild at Heart Pack. With the Tuning Fork Techniques becoming second nature, you can now completely surrender your rational mind, stop thinking about what you are doing, and fully merge with the ecstasy of your partner. This pack includes three videos and two audios:

  1. Your Wild Animal
  2. The Upper Limit of Surrender
  3. Crazy Throat
  4. Key Sound
  5. Braingasm

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