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Rocket Italian is built on the chunking process, also known as Miller’s Law, following the seven success strategies of Rocket Languages.

Rocket Italian Review

If you’re looking to learn Italian there are a few routes you can go. You can buy an Italian phrase book and dictionary and try and teach yourself, you could book yourself into Italian language classes, you could buy language learning software, or you could buy the award winning Rocket Italian language system to get started speaking a new language.

Rocket Italian, much like the other Rocket language courses, is built on the chunking process, also known as Miller’s Law. This is the principle that in order to learn something massive one must first break it down into small and manageable chunks. It sounds like a simple enough concept but no one pulls it off quite like Rocket do. They’ve spent over a decade understanding how humans learn language and adapting it into the ultimate language masterclass they call Rocket Italian.

Rocket Italian follows the seven success strategies of Rocket. The first success strategy is making the best use of your time. If you feel that you don’t have the time to learn Italian then you haven’t met this language program. You can combine learning Italian with just about anything else in your life. Liven up your commute or your cooking by learning Italian on the go. If you’ve got even ten minutes of time where you aren’t doing anything then you’ve got time to learn Italian at your own pace.

The second success strategy is understanding how Italian works. It works differently from English. There are different grammatical rules and difference sentence structures. That’s why when you translate Italian directly into English the sentences can sometimes not make sense. Understanding how a language works is key to understanding the language.

The third success strategy is reinforcing the language and making it stick. Retention is a major problem with learning languages, especially in a classroom environment. What’s the point in learning a language if you quickly forget it? The people behind Rocket Italian know not just how to make you learn Italian, but also how to make you remember it.

Rocket Italian’s fourth success strategy is sounding like a native. You need to speak the language as much as possible to reinforce the connections that are being made in your brain as you learn and speak Italian. Rocket Record is a proprietary piece of software that helps you to develop a proper Italian accent, which further increases your learning.

The fifth success strategy of Rocket Italian are the advanced learning techniques. Learning languages is constantly changing and adjusting. Developments such as the hyperglot method are being made every day. A hyperglot is someone who can speak over six languages. It sounds like a lot but Rocket Italian understands how hyperglots learn and can apply those techniques to your learning.

The sixth success strategy is the support network that Rocket Italian offers. You’ll be connected to tutors, Italian natives, and your fellow Italian learners who will all be there to help and support you when you run into problems. The seventh success strategy is in a similar vein because it’s all about staying motivated and having fun while learning. You have to enjoy something to want to stick with it, and Rocket Italian makes learning Italian fun.

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