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Sex Hacker Bundle features 30 lessons that explain sex hacks through a practical approach including animations.

Sex Hacker Bundle Review

There’s an inconvenient truth about sex that men need to understand. You might not want to admit it, but you aren’t as good as you think you are. There’s nothing wrong with that though. It’s not your fault. You just weren’t taught properly. The Sex Hacker Bundle from Kenneth Play can teach you everything you need to know about the art of sex.

What is the Sex Hacker Bundle?

The Sex Hacker Bundle is a guide to everything you’ve wanted to know about sex. It was put together by the “World’s Great Sex Hacker” Kenneth Play. The course is made up of five modules and features 30 lessons that explain sex hacks through a practical approach including animations. All of the techniques are backed up by real scientific research. Kenneth partnered up with Dr. Zhana, a psychology professor and sex educator from NYU. They run sex-related workshops in Brooklyn and have now taken their lessons to the world through the Sex Hacker Bundle.

What do you Learn with Sex Hacker Bundle?

As mentioned above, the bundle is broken down into five core parts. Here are those parts, and a glimpse of what you can expect to learn;

  • Foreplay – Foreplay is about forging a connection with your partner, getting into the same headspace as them and being in touch with their body. These lessons show you how to set the mood, learn about your partner’s pleasure preferences, and a whole lot more.
  • Oral – This part of the guide covers the secrets to great oral sex. This includes how to use a few toys to your advantage to take the oral experience to the next level.
  • Penetration – There’s a lot more to the actual penetration part of sex that just thrusting away until you ejaculate. The penetration section of the Sex Hacker Bundle looks at the biomechanics of penetration. It explores the most basic and classic positions and how to penetrate your partner while stimulating her clitoris for the most pleasurable sex imaginable.
  • Squirting – There are a lot of myths surrounding squirting – the female orgasm – including the myth that it might not even exist. Kenneth Play will show you the facts of the matter and demonstrate everything you need to know to get your girl squirting. You’ll learn what squirting actually looks like too, and how porn might have lied to you.
  • Fingers and Toys – Most men consider themselves fingering experts, but they really aren’t. They also might be intimidated by the idea of introducing toys to the bedroom. This course clears up misunderstandings and misconceptions on both of these things, showing you how to use your fingers and toys to deliver the best sexual experience.
  • Become a Sexpert

    They say the first step to learning is to admit that you know nothing. If you want to learn about sex and how to deliver an incredible experience in the bedroom, then admit to yourself you need some guidance and pick up the Sex Hacker Bundle.

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