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The Bonding Stages teaches you the techniques you need to establish a deep intimacy with a man.

The Bonding Stages Review

One of the most confusing things that can happen in a relationship is when a guy suddenly decides they aren’t sure if they want to have a relationship. Or they say they aren’t ready. They have to get their life “in order” first, whatever that means. Then there’s the even more frustrating situation of being with a man who says he loves you, but also doesn’t seem to have any plans to commit to you. If those sound like situations you are in, or want to avoid, then The Bonding Stages by Bob Grant may be just what you need.

What are the Bonding Stages?

The Bonding Stages is a complete relationship guide that teaches you the techniques you need to establish a deep intimacy with a man. It shows you all you need to know to trigger their desire to commit to a long and fulfilling relationship with you. This is different from the average relationship guide as it gives you a complete blueprint for instilling commitment as well as addressing the core issues of trust and communication.

What do you get with The Bonding Stages?

The core of the program is the Bonding Stages book itself. Grant has worked with women as a relationship coach for over 20 years. The book has everything he knows about repairing and building relationships. It’s all broken down into 5 parts, or “stages”:

  1. Interest – The interest phase is the easiest to spot. It’s where you have caught their attention. Some signs of this phase are; if they look at you while you speak, if he talks to your friends about you, if he stands closer to you – say, within a few feet – and doesn’t move away.
  2. Emotional Arousal – The second phase is a continuation of the first. This is where you begin to notice that they want to see you more and spend more time with you. This is where a man’s emotions and desires are aroused, and all they want is you.
  3. Disillusionment – A stable relationship can only be built when one applies reason to their emotions. Not many men think of relationships this way though. If you don’t give in to a man in the emotional phase fast enough, they start to get disillusioned and feel dejected. This is where they don’t call you or text you as much as they used to, don’t want to share details on what they’ve done that day, don’t want to spend time together, and start pulling away from you.
  4. Testing – If you can safely navigate your way through stage 3, then you are ready for the testing phase. This phase can see your man get irrationally upset from silly things that never bothered him that much before, such as you being late. They might start coming up with excuses to not see you as much. Perhaps they’ll also start voicing their doubts about your relationship.
  5. Bonding – The bonding phase is the ultimate phase, the very core of the program and what it’s all about. This is where the man is now under your spell and he couldn’t be happier. He looks into your eyes when you talk and holds your hand for no real reason other than to do it. He’s made his choice by now, and his choice is you.

Money-Back Guarantee

If your man has started to settle and doesn’t seem interested in pursuing something more secure and deeper, then you should consider The Bonding Phases to bridge that gap. Bob lays down everything so that you can get the attention, commitment, and love you want from your relationship. Get the relationship that you want – and deserve – with The Bonding Phases. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact Bob Grant to get a full refund.

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