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VO Genesis teaches you how to get started in voice over and find places to hire you, created by Jenny Lewis.

VO Genesis Program Review

We live in a world where nearly everyone has tried, at some point in their lives, to make money online. Chances are that if you’re reading this right now you have. You probably even found your way here by searching out ways to make money online.

VO Genesis program was set up by a mother of two who was trying to do just that; make a little extra money to support her family without having to leave them to get a “real” job. She got burned by some systems, as everyone else has, and decided to make one of her own instead. Thus VO Genesis was born.

Unlike other websites where you fill out survey after survey for a pittance, VO Genesis program has a base in voice over work. There are tons of websites out there looking for unique and interesting voices. Even if you don’t feel your voice is up to par, there’s bound to be someone who will.

The best part of it, other than the ease, is that voice over work generally pays a lot of money. You can find voice over jobs that can pay up to, and even over $100 for just reading off of a script.

After finding success and managing to stay at home with her kids she decided to give other parents (and people in general) that opportunity. She put what she had discovered into a simple guide that she now offers other people. Finding voice work is easy when you know where to look, and she knows all the best places to look.

VO Genesis promises to provide you with a stable income and work for you, no matter what. Even if:

  • You think your voice is too weird
  • You have no experience in voice over work
  • You don’t even have any contacts or clue on where to get started
  • You feel you’ve already tried everything

VO Genesis will show you the tricks of the trade, including:

  • How to get started and find places to hire you
  • Why the VO Genesis system specifically is the best one out there
  • The best websites to find voice over work, including ones with little competition
  • How to master timing and sounding sincere to overcome a lack of vocal skills
  • How to scale the income to build an agency out of simple voice work

When you order the VO Genesis package you’ll also get a free guide thrown in. It’ll show you how much you should be earning. It’s a lot more than you already are. It tells you the average price for a job, how much you should be paid, and how to get that amount.

VO Genesis is also risk free. It doesn’t cost a lot to begin with but if you are unsatisfied you can get a complete refund within sixty days of purchase. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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